Saturday, May 28, 2011


Patterns.  I love looking at patterns in design.  I find that I am consistently drawn to the way artists are able to combine patterns for fun, fresh looks.  However, I've never felt as though I could master it myself.  When designing, I began to push myself to think of more and different patterns to make.  It's been fun, and I'm still in the process of trying to do more with designing patterns.

One way I felt I could better serve myself is to sit down and push myself to make some scrapbook layouts using mostly patterned papers.  That way, I felt I could understand better what types of patterns I'd like to make to use within my pages.  When I heard about the 7 Days in May Challenge at I thought that would be the perfect time to push myself.  So earlier this week (see post: And then...) I tried my hand at it.  And I was happy with how it turned out so I tried a few more on the next challenges.

The first, was a template challenge.  The template was created by LivE and the papers I used are from "Scarlet" by Sara Schumtz:
In order to try and offset the different patterns, I decided to make the rectangles of the alternating patterned paper into epoxy sticker squares using the emboss and bevel feature.  I was happy with how well it turned out and well, all the red is great because the pictures are from when we cheered on the Wisconsin Badgers play in the Rose Bowl.

In the next challenge, I used "Life is Good" by Echo Park.  Again, I was able to combine various patterns by adding some solid color here and there so it was not too overwhelming to the eye.  I wanted the page to be fun, yet a little soft.  The challenge was to start with the words, "This is Love."  Immediately I thought of some of the great pictures I had with my mom and our dog.  They have a funny love affair going on.  We actually didn't think my mom liked dogs at all, so when we brought puppy Finn home, we stopped by to let my dad see him.  Well, surprise, surprise because it was my mom who scooped him up into her arms and played with him.  Oh, how he loves her and gives her lots of wet kisses.  Ewww...but still pretty sweet.

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