Monday, May 16, 2011

Our little sleep problem...

I love a good night's sleep.  Well, who doesn't really?  But we seem to be having this little problem in our house.  This "problem" awakes us anywhere from 3am to 4am.  There's a shaking, a scratching, whining, and sometimes crying.  Well, we are new parents, but no, it's not the baby.  He's sleeping great!!  The "problem" is this little guy:

Well, maybe not so little guy.  Finn has always loved to get up early, but this is crazy.  And we are desparate to ensure the baby keeps sleeping so Matt faithfully gets out of bed and let's the little critter into ours.  Yup, into our bed.  A 70lb dog at our feet.  It's not so great! 

Now before all those dog owners cringe at our giving into this little guy, we've seriously tried everything.  He was given a great bed to sleep on just a few feet from us, but well, he ate it.  After he humped it. (Yes, he's neutered!)  Oh well, as he leaves his puppyhood behind he is starting to calm a bit.  We've done some research and a new, chew-proof bed is on it's way.  Oh new doggie bed, hurry home!

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  1. Oh my goodness. One of my cats does the same thing. I hope you find a solution soon and don't forget to post how things turn out. Cute doggie.