Friday, March 23, 2012

March Madness Continues

Sad to say it, but my Wisconsin Badger are out of the NCAA tournament.  At least the game last night was exciting and close.  If they had to go out, that was a better way to do so.  Oh well, but the madness continues.  While I've watched my fair share of basketball, I've also been participating in another March Madness competition over at Design House Digital.  Each round features a layout challenge with very specific requirements such as colors, number of pictures, or what elements to incorporate in your page.  It's been a fun challenge and has really allowed me to look through my digital stash again to find a way to use parts from this and that kit.  Here are my Round 1-3 entries:

Gallery link
Gallery Link
 I'm hopeful to make it to the next round and see what fun challenge I'll have to work with!

Thursday, March 15, 2012

March Madness Sale!!

I'm excited that the NCAA tournament is underway!  I will be cheering on my favorite team - the Wisconsin Badgers.  Go RED!!  And because I'm so excited, I've decided to share some of that excitement with you.  For the rest of March my shop at Natural Designs in Scrapbooking is 30% off.  So stock up on digital goodies and get going on some new pages!  Well, maybe after watching all that basketball. :)