Thursday, July 7, 2011

New Kit - In the Tropics...and it's free!

I'm having a great time participating in the Design Factor Challenge over at  There is just a ton of great work showing up in the gallery and the challenges are really making me think -  and do some different designs.  It feels good to push myself to try something new and I know my design skills are growing as a result.

I'm very happy to share my latest submission which will be available for download until July 21st!  So go ahead and grab it here.This link has expired! Check back for more offers in the future!

The challenge was to use a monochromatic color scheme of neutral shades.  Then to add some color to it to "pop."  I decided on khaki to start with and well, once I had my scheme all set it started to remind me of my trips to Hawaii.  So I decided to add some tropical splash to it and TADA! In The Tropics was born.  I hope that you enjoy it and can find some fun vacation photos to scrap with.  And if you don't have any, then time for a vacation I guess! :)

Happy Scrapping!!

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