Sunday, July 17, 2011

More Vacation Pages!

Oh have I had some fun today!  I actually haven't made many scrapbook pages lately so it was fun to sit down and try some things out.  Are they final?  I'm not sure, but I do think that I'm willing to share them at this point!  And I know I had a lot of fun!  I continued on my quest to document our trip up north.  I wanted to do a page with some journalling so I would remember all the great times we had, many of which are not documented in pictures.
The first two pages I made using "Boardwalk" by Brine Designs.  This was one of her submissions in the Design Factor Race and I really loved the colors she used!  And the rest of her work is just as cute!  The font is "peasnow" from  If you haven't been to that website for some fun scrapbooking fonts, then check it out already!  You'll love what you find!
The second page is more from that same kit along with the font: Bosshole.  That one is just silly.  For no reason at all I kept dressing AJ in clothes that were the same colors as Matt!  It was pretty funny to see them together and it looked like we had planned it out for some funny reason, but we did not.  Aside from that, I just love the cute pictures of them together.

The last two pages were a lot of fun to put together!  And so was that time in the pool which is how I wanted to capture it - bright, cheery, and fun!  I decided to use "A Walk in the Park" by Echo Park with the font Everytime I miss you.  Now we had tried to get AJ swimming before but he was either very studious or just not too into it.  This time was completely different, but it didn't seem like it was going to be.  Matt held him and slowly dipped him further and further into the water.  AJ was holding on for dear life!  He didn't look scared, but more unsure about the entire experience.  Then he slowly started to ease and Matt was guiding him across the water.  Suddenly he started kicking his little feet like he was swimming!  A natural!  After that, he was full of smiles and enjoyed skimming the water and bouncing around in it.  It made all of us very happy to see the fun he was having.

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