Saturday, January 25, 2014

Year in Review Handmade Album

 *This post is picture heavy!  Oh, and I only remembered to take photos of them right before I was wrapping them up for Christmas so I do apologize for the poor picture quality but I really wanted to share a few of the fun things I did regardless.

Back in October, I thought it would be fun to dive into making a year in review album of our family for the boy's grandparents.  Not of the big events but of the everyday little memories we made - some of the very things their grandparents don't always get to see.  I decided to use the No Limits collection by Heidi Swapp as my basic pages, but also threw in some color magic file folders and ephemera.  Above are the two covers and I had fun blending some color shine to make them awesome and unique!  Below are some additional pictures showing what I included.   I designed various page shapes in Photoshop before cutting them out on my Silhouette along with some tabs and banners, etc.  I basically just filled up a page with cuts and made sure I'd have plenty of fun flip pages and other goodies to embellish with.  The best part about this fun project was that I made no plans!  I simply went with ti!
 I used mini memory files inside to flip open for additional pages.  I also stacked paper in various shapes to make little flip books.  Using both front and back I could fit so many pictures - about 12 3x3 photos.  The entire book mainly consists of 3x3 and 3x4 photos.
 Here are some great views of all the various page shapes.  It made a fun layered project.  While it keeps the eye busy, I liked how it felt as if you were discovering something new everywhere you looked!
 By cutting a 12x12 paper into a 4x12 section and folding it every 4 inches, I made this little fold out full of pictures.  After adhering it into the book, I could fit 5 pictures on it!

When all done I used The Cinch to bind the book together.  There were lots of pages and an a 1" wire did the trick.  I'm really happy with how it turned out an it was fun to work on it.  Overall, I had about 90 pictures in each book and I know their grandparents enjoyed flipping through them and looking back on how much our boys had changed during the year.

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