Saturday, January 25, 2014

New year, new freedom

Happy New Year!  I've been a little delayed in posting.  I'm not one for new year's resolutions but I do like a fresh perspective on things.  And the gift I'm giving myself this year is FREEDOM - freedom to do my memory keeping however I choose, freedom to enjoy the little things and let other things slide.  Maybe I should be doing One Little Word?  Hmmm...something to look into.

As for as my crafting goes, I'm really striving for freedom and just allowing myself to have a no pressure, fun filled time creating just how I choose.  It feels great!!  Here are a few things I've given freedom to:

1. Not all digital.  I LOVE digital memory keeping and have been doing it for many years.  I love that it's portable and creative, but that it's also easy to pass on to those I love.  However, I have also fallen in love with making mini albums.  I have made several for other people but Christmas was the first time I made one for myself.  I love it and well, I guess not all my memory keeping is going to be digital this year!

2. Pink is for boys.  Yup, that's right.  I'm tired of looking at pretty supplies that have pink in them and thinking I can't use that for my family of all males!  Well, guess what.  I can!!  So I still won't be using the overly girly kits but hey, toss in a little pink here and there because I love it and I'm a girl!

3. No pressure.  Create what I want, when I want, in order, out of order...get the picture?

4. I love my Etsy shop, but it's going to be pretty low pressure for me.  When I get inspired, there will be something new to put in there, but I may just be working on things for myself for a bit too.

As part of this freedom I have begun a new album with pictures of some of the everyday things that go on around here.  I love Heidi Swapp's products - they are chic, trendy, high quality, and all her lines have a way of working together that makes it more interesting and allows me to use up all the fun things I purchase.  The new Hello Today collection that just hit Michael's stores has a great little mini file album there too.  I picked one up and decided to just have fun with it!  I flipped through my iPhone and found lots of pictures of our January so far and decided to just run with it.  It's been fun to craft and also document a little bit about the everyday things that go on here with my little ones.

So hello today, hello FREEDOM!

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