Monday, February 11, 2013


Things have been busy!  I can't even remember the last time I had a blog post that wasn't about a new digi product!  February sure has been a fun and busy month for my digital designs, but things at home continue to be busy with my two little men.  They are growing and triving and amazing me each day. They are also wearing me out! :)

This weekend, I was happy to have had a bit of a break from it all.  Treated by our husbands, my friend and I headed to The American Club in Kohler, WI to have a lovely day at the Kohler Spa and a night away.  Yes, Kohler, home of those pretty bathroom fixtures.  The American Club is certainly first class and the spa was no exception.  We spent the day in our robes enjoying treatments, relaxation, whirlpools, and maybe a nap or two as well.  It was a quite and peaceful time which we both needed.  Having a super chill friend to spend it with, just made it better.  

The American Club also has no shortage of wonderful cuisine!  We dined and ate ourselves silly and slept in in our comfy, cozy beds.  While it was great to be away from screaming, crying, barking dogs, and loud play, it makes you miss it a little bit too.  But overall, I missed the smiles, hugs, and laughs I get each and every day.  I came home ready to get back to it and loved putting my toddler down for a nap with Curious George makes pancakes. :)  The baby was sleeping and I had to wait almost three long hours to give him a squeeze, but that did make time for me to talk and snuggle with my hubby and doggy for a bit.  

Exhale....time to get back in the saddle!  

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