Monday, December 3, 2012

Gift money holder

Let's face it.  We've become slaves to the almighty gift card!  Not sure what to get someone, you grab a gift card.  Not sure what you want, you say a gift card to your favorite store.  For some reason it just takes all the thoughtfulness out of the gift for me, even thought I do love to both give and receive them.  In order to feel like I've put more thought into a gift of money, I like to dress it up a bit.  This year, I thought a fun little project in Photoshop would work well.  I currently only plan to give one gift of money (whoo hoo!) and it's for my brother.  In a few months he has a ski trip planned and I know he would appreciate some money to purchase a lift ticket.  So here it goes:

To Start: I made a pretty simple template in Photoshop.  I then clipped some Christmas-y paper to it and decorated it with my message.
 Step 1:After printing my design, I folded it in half.
 Step 2: I scored the edges that I will fold inside and glue together.  The scoring just gives me a nice, clean fold.
 Step 3: I punched a hole through the top and fitted each side with an eyelet to dress it up a bit.  Regular holes are just fine too - you simply need a place to put the ribbon.
 Step 4: Put a little glue down on those edges and fold the two sides together.
 Step 5: Insert cash or gift card and close with ribbon.  Ta Da! (as my toddler likes to say at the completion of anything!)
Just remember that if you want to label the back with To/From information, that you will need to rotate your text both vertically and horizontally so that it appears proper after folding.  If you would like to download a PDF version of the template that you can print, cut, and trace on any paper you have, you can do that here.   Or you can download the Photoshop template file here.

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