Saturday, October 15, 2011

Hybrid Halloween Project

I had some fun this morning decorating for Halloween.  Unfortunately, AJ is scared of some of the decorations so those went back to storage for next year, but oh well.  I decided to have some fun and try out a few simply hybrid projects.  I have just started to get into this hybrid world, espeically now that I have a super cool printer to work with!  I pulled up my kit Altered Art Halloween and here is what I made:

Not too bad for my first project!  For the candles, I used battery operated candles instead of the real thing so that there is no danger that the paper will catch on fire.  I picked out one of the papers and printed it onto 8x11.5in white cardstock.  Then I cut 2 inch strips and wrapped them around each candle.  Next I picked out a few elements I liked for this, printed them, and adhered them to the strip wrapped around each candle.  Pretty simple but it really adds to the display.
For the banner and flower (on a candle) I chose two differnt papers and printed them onto each side of white cardstock.  I cut the flags out and placed some old sticker letters I had on them.  I went around each letter in black ink to ensure they stood out.  Next I sprayed them with glitter spray to add a little sheen and also to get them to curl up a bit and not lay so flat.  Using brads I secured each one to my ribbon and ta da!  With the extra double sided paper I cut out four different sized circles, alternated the pattern by later, and then folded each lite a pie crust to give it that crumpled look.  Then I added a simple pearl to the middle to finish it off.
It was really a lot of fun to see this come together and it went rather quickly.  Have fun making your own holiday decorations!
If you would like to purchase my kit Altered Art Halloween, you can pick it up in my shop by clicking on the image below. 

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