Saturday, June 25, 2011

First Swim!

Last weekend a few things fell into place for us.  First, we finally had some sunny and warm weather.  Geez, it was only mid-June!  Two, the whole family was at home on such a nice day.  Three, AJ was not napping or had just eaten SO why not let him test out his baby pool!

Oh, the prep involved in getting a little one outside is enough but add in blowing up the cute pool my parents got him and filling it with warm water from the sink - well, good thing Matt and I are a great team.  So everything came together and AJ got to take his first "swim".  He spent the whole time studying everything - which is kind of how he is.  In general, the little man likes to take it all in and see what he thinks before getting carried away.  We call this his "serious face."  It's very distinguishable from the goofy grin that normally adorns his cutie pie face. 

He didn't get upset at getting in the water or splashing around a bit.  He even kicked his feet a bit when we laid him back.  Maybe he'll be a fish in the water some day but for now it was fun to see him enjoy it.  Hopefully, we can get some better weather around these parts so he can really enjoy some swimming.

Here are some photos of the event which I have proudly scrapped using my new kit, Summer Slice, which is free until July 6th. 

Well, here's to hoping for more sun!!

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