Sunday, August 10, 2014

First Day of School Signs

 It's about to happen.  Soon.  My oldest will be starting school! Yeah, it's 3K and only three mornings a week but it is still a big deal and I'm so very excited for him.  Excited to see him grow and make some new relationships along the way.

As I'm a HUGE fan of documenting, I know the day will not go by without plenty of pictures and I love the idea of having him hold a sign with his grade on it.  It will be a fun thing for him at this age and I will love just having it already on the picture so I never have to question which first day of school it was.

And so, if you want to do the same thing, I've added these signs to my Etsy shop as well!  These first day of school signs feature preschool through eighth grade with a trendy, chalkboard design.  Instantly available for download, these PDF files are formatted at 8x10 inches making them perfect for sliding into picture frames too if you want!  Simply print them out at home or with a professional printer and you will be ready to go for that first day.  You can grab them HERE!

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