Monday, March 11, 2013

Winter colds...uck!

Alas, my household has been under attack.  The intruder...a vicious winter cold!  It started with the toddler.  And if you have had a toddler you know it won't end there!  The poor kid suffered for many days though but it finally hit me, dad, and baby brother.  And it hit us hard!  Unfortunately, it's hard to get over a bad cold when you are up frequently to care for a baby with a bad cold!  Alas, after a weekend of as much rest as we could manage, we are all on the mend.  Slowly, but we will get there!  Spring cannot come fast enough!!

All that sick time leaves me a little behind on design time so I won't have a new release for this Thursday; however, I will be bundling up some kits that were released during dollar days over the next month or so giving you a chance to snag them at a reduced rate (and 30% off on the Thursday they are released!!).

This Thursday look for the A Little Beachy collection with it's sun worn feeling.  There are twenty papers, sixty-four elements, and eight brushes in total.  Be sure to snag it on Thursday at it's lowest rate!
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