Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Ten reasons to try digital scrapbooking

I find that people either don't understand what digital scrapbooking is, believe they will not have time for it, or are just a bit intimidated by "all that computer stuff."  Well, I could go on addressing each of these points but today I am going to list just 10 reasons why you might want to give it a try.
1. Less planning.  Seriously.  All you need is available right in your home with a computer and the internet.  You can browse layout ideas, find useful tips and tricks online, and shop right from home.  You also have all your digital pictures there which can be used however you want in your layouts.  No running to the craft store, waiting on the mail, or getting pictures printed.  You can simply sit down and get to work!
2. Low cost (or no cost) to try it.  While there is a host of affordable software programs that will be great to use for scrapbooking, I recommend Adobe Photoshop Elements.  This affordable software will give you great access to photo editing tools, allow you the flexibility to do a variety of projects, AND is great for digital scrapbooking - providing an easy to use software with great quality output if you want to print your pages.  AND you can try out any of Adobe's software, including Elements, for FREE for 30 days.   Combine that with a bunch of generally available digiscrap freebies and you can tinker until you get addicted.
3. Supplies last forever Do I really need to go on?  You download something and you can use it however and whenever you want FOREVER.  Ok, well as long as the world is still using computers...
4.Easy to share your work.  In this digital age you can share your scrapbook pages with everyone you know.  You can post them to facebook, twitter, blogs, internet galleries, etc.  Your family can share your journey with you whether they live near or far.
5. Yes, you can print your pages.  By far the question I am most asked!  Yes, you can print your pages.  You can have a bound book made.  You can put individual pages in regular, old scrapbooks.  You can hang them on your walls or do anything else you might desire to do.  There are a variety of quality printers out there that allow you to upload your files and will send your beautiful work back to you printed.   You can even print them at home if you have a photo printer.  And, to answer your next question, yes, it is affordable.  If you look for a good sale like I do, I can say that I've spent on average $1.60 per page for printing.
6. Much more variety in supplies. Since digital scrapbook designers do not need to work with a printer and distributor to get their supplies out to the masses, there is a large and amazing variety of supplies available to you digitally.  Yes, you do need to make sure what you are getting is quality but it is very easy to find a number of reputable shops out there.  There are often specials where designers offer freebies so you can try out their work before you spend a dime.
7. Incredibly versatile! Love that paper but it's the wrong shade of blue or you'd rather it be brown?  Well, when you are working with digital supplies a simple change like that is quick and easy to do.  The supplies you accumulate have a versatility unlike any paper supplies.
8. You can make paper supplies.  Just like people won't touch an e-reader claiming a love of paper in their hands, some scrappers just like that touch.  Well, if you have a printer, you can simply print digital paper onto actual paper and get the same effect.  You can use your digital supplies to make paper pages, cards, or even decorations. 
9. Do-overs welcome.  If you finish a page and don't love it, do it again!  In fact, every step of the way you can use the awesome and powerful "undo" option to do it over again and again until you love it. 
10. Digital scrapbooking day is November 5th!  Really, there is no better time than now to consider trying this out.  The digiscrap community will have a slew of fun events this coming Saturday, along with free giveaways, blog trains for freebies, and some super great sales.  If you've ever considered giving this a try then there is no better time than now to collection some supplies, see some great layouts, find helpful resources, and just check out the possibilities.

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