Tuesday, October 19, 2010

More time to scrapbook!

Well, with the house clean and many other to-do's completed, I've had a bunch of time to scrapbook today!  Well, guess it's not all due to my hard work...it's mostly due to the pup waking us up at 4:20!  I was able to do several household tasks and create an entire scrapbook page before breakfast.  Well, time well spent I guess.  I'm excited about today's pages - using a theme of "birthday" and "this makes me happy."  So fun to have a theme to scrapbook to.  I've never really done that before.  Generally, I just take pictures of events and scrapbook those specific events, but there really is so much more that can be done.  Sometimes a theme makes you look a little differently at your pictures.

 Well, "birthday" is not a hard theme but it was great timing since I had yet to scrap pictures from Matt's birthday this year.  I learned how to make this circle with cutouts for photos too!  I tried to do this with another shape but PSE was not cooperating with me!  I know it will work later, so hopefully I can post another layout using something a little different another time.  I didn't have any really great pictures from the event so a collage like this was somewhat helpful since you don't need to show a lot of background.
The other theme of "this makes me happy" was a perfect way for me to scrap about my favorite time of year - fall!  (Early fall to be specific - where the sun still shines and warms you)  Anyhow, this was great inspiration for a random Sunday afternoon walk we took around town on a nice day. (Elements from 'When Autumn Comes' by Fannette Design, Papers from 'Autumn' by Galiscrap)
I'm having so much fun!

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